On Premise

Using the On Premise channel you can publish a chatbot to your own, private Xenioo installation.
Using the On Premise channel will actively stop any other channel to be locally published. All selected and configured channel will be published on the target system. Take the remote machine address and name into consideration when configuring other channels.
The On Premise channel will not act as a real channel but as a mean of remote publishing on a private Xenioo instance. For this reason, there are no variables related to a conversation happening on this channel.

General Channel Settings

Target Xenioo Instance Private Key

This is the private key that has been configured on your On Premise Xenioo installation. This key will be used to securely exchange information with that instance.

Target Xenioo Instance Endpoint

This is the base endpoint associated to your On Premise Xenioo installation. On Premise installations are required to have a public network address or a full host name.
Last modified 5mo ago