Platform Changelog

This is the up to date Xenioo changelog history detailing all updates and fixes that are deployed on the platform. Deployed fixes and updates are currently live while Scheduled ones will be released during next scheduled maintenance.

All fixes marked as Standard are deployment done by standard update cycles maintenance. Hotfixes are, instead, fixes applied to mitigate or remove unforseen blocking issues.

Development - Standard


  • POST and PUT methods of the Call API Action now automatically support empty payload bodies.

  • The last_contact variables are now updated on each user message incoming instead of being updated only the first time the conversation is started or restarted.

  • URL Action can now redirect the link to the same page instead of opening a new tab/window on Web Channel.

  • The Location quickbutton is now ignored under Facebook channel to comply with API 4.0 updates.

  • The Web chatbot channel has now new settings that can:

    • Display the chat area as either a standard box or a full side panel

    • Display inline avatar on top or on bottom of each interaction

    • Display chat message starting from top or bottom of the chat area


  • Fixed an issue that could cause specific single-user broadcasts to be skipped during execution.

  • Fixed a bug for Audience selection inside broadcast that may lead to specific audience selection even after switching to "All Users".

  • Fixed a bug that would stop a Web chatbot from appearing if one or more incomplete context menu were specified.

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent personalized Avatar and CSS file to be re-uploaded using the same filename in the Web Publishing dialog.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented downloading of chatbot backup in Firefox.

  • Cloned broadcasts are now assigned to a unique API Key to prevent on demand calls triggering other broadcasts.

4-October-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Chat-API provider now fully support special characters languages (Cyrillic, Kanji etc) as well as emoji codes.


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Facebook Messenger from sending media files.

1-October-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Arrows inside the chatbot builder are now changing direction depending on the position of start and end interaction.

  • Added a new button on the designer toolbar that allows creation of a new interaction without selecting the behaviour

  • You can now add generic, text free notes inside the designer. Notes can be freely positioned, cloned, moved and fully support the general basic markdown syntax.

  • Generic card templates now support Image Aspect Ratio selection for Facebook Messenger.

24-September-2019 - Live - Standard


16-September-2019 - Live - Standard



  • Fixed an issue that could repeat previous List Cards in a conversation after the user actively inputs anything.

08-September-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Update Stripe payment flow to be compliant to new European Regulation

  • You can now set up multiple wrong reply to any Input action.


  • Fixed a change in receving user location from CAPIWHA

03-September-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Image Action can now be embedded as sticker on platform that support the functionality

  • Decreased general conversation fingerprint to increase data exchange speed over Xenioo

  • Increased NLP Wildcard recognition precision on specifically trained expressions.

  • NLP Master Container can now be seen only by the unique account holder and not by any other team member.

  • You can now use Facebook Referral parameter to drive Facebook conversations

  • Google Assistant Channel now supports break ssml as Chat Delay.

22-August-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Fixed an Audio action issue when saving old chatbots informations

  • The last contact and first contact date is now correctly showing the months as number


  • Google Assistant Channel publishing has been updated to the latest SDK version

  • Location attachments now support simple location copy/paste from Google location sharing dialog on both desktop and mobile

  • Is now possible to select a specific starting behaviour directly from the Web Channel script to have your bot start from a specific point.

1-August-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Fixed a redirection issue that could prevent an Alexa skill to correctly intercept NLP input during blocking questions.


  • Embedded Audio action now transform into embedded SSML tag for Google Assistant channel.

24-July-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent re-publishing of chatbots previously attached to APIWHA service that are now under CAPIWHA service.

  • Fixed an Alexa chat issue that could lead to an 'unreachable skill' error when the ssml message contains special characters.


  • Added flag Disable Auto Display On Mobile Devices on Web Publishing configuration to allow disabling chat auto-opening on mobile devices.

  • Audio can now be automatically embedded as an SSML voice entry instead of starting a streaming session under Alexa

  • Blocking NLP inputs can now be used as dialog steps in an Alexa skill

  • You can now export AI intents/expressions in a CSV format identical to the expected import format.

18-July-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Fixed an issue on Phone and URL button on web widget that prevents it from working on iOS Chrome browser.


  • NLP Input and NLP Detection actions can now detect multiple intents at once trough multiple intent selection.

  • Added new mode "Normalize to entity value" in Set Variable action

10-July-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Fixed an Entity auto-merge behaviour that could lead to an entity variable created with multiple times the same entity value.

  • Fixed an issue that could delete a user chat attachment from the account storage before Xenioo conversation was persisted.


27-June-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Fixed a Firebase List command bug that could duplicate the enclosing "documents" collection and make it impossible to stringify or parse.

  • Fixed an APIWHA issue that could prevent the reception of a location based attachment.


  • Added off-thread receive/response support for all WhatsApp providers. Xenioo should be even faster in replying to webhook calls from any provider.

  • Added a direct goTo js command to allow for Web Channels to redirect to any point of the conversation directly from a client script.

  • Web widget is now supporting media attachment input (images, audio, video and generic files).

21-June-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Added support for special emoji characters detection inside NLP engine

  • Increased Wildcard detection capabilities.

  • Added support for Location attachments inside Attachment Action

15-June-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Fixed a bug that could reset a variable to value "0" when using a Set Variable Action if the variable was not existing.


  • Added a Keep Position option for IoT streaming devices that automatically tracks the byte position for media streaming

  • Added a new Set Bookmark action that can be used to automatically keep a bookmark on a specific position of the conversation

  • Improved NLP Wildcards ranging and detection across the board

  • Go To Action can now go directly to a given Bookmark

  • Added Wassenger as an additional WhatsApp channel provider.

30-May-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Fixed a bug that prevented access to Execution Diagram to users working on invitation bot for a premium account

  • Mobile web widget should not automatically open keyboard after first use on every interaction update


  • Added PUT, PATCH and DELETE methods support to API action

  • Added additional Client Key and Client Secret settings in Wordpress Integration Action

  • Web Widget carousel is now supporting swipe gestures on Carousel view

25-May-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Made NLP Master management package available for all accounts.

  • The Broadcast Distribution Log date and time has been changed to full 24H format

  • The Runtime Logs date and time has been changed to full 24H format

  • A new set of messages will be displayed in the chatbot runtime logs to alert about operators coming online and going offline

  • Floating content is now fully supporting mobile view inside the same page

15-May-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Manual broadcast submission is now hidden whenever the bot is not online on any channel.


  • Broadcasts now have an expected process push timing based on active scheduling scheduling. The expected delivery date is displayed in the global broadcasts list.

  • Added a success/failure feedback message to each manual broadcast submission.

  • Operators that have only assignment capabilities can now assign a conversation to other group operators.

  • Added a new message in the Broadcast Distribution Logs to alert for empty audiences leading to no push.

  • Added a new message in the Broadcast Distribution Logs to alert for users that are currently under operator control and shall not receive the push.

11-May-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Fixed a package combination issue that could prevent a user from obtaining access to very specific premium features.

  • Fixed a WhatsApp channel issue that would prevent graceful disposal of resource during channel shutdown.

  • Fixed an On Demand Broadcast issue that could prevent full execution of specific broadcasts to all chatbot users

  • Fixed a visualization bug in the Set Chat Operator State action that would automatically re-select the first operator of a specific list instead of keeping the user input

  • Fixed a bug during Operator Assignation under Conversation that could prevent an operator to assign the conversation to another operator.


  • Added automatic variable JSON translation. It is now possible to reference variables by both their full value (e.g. {{user}}) and by using parsed json properties (e.g. {{user.first_name}}).

  • Postback and URL Buttons that do have an empty label are now skipped by the rendering engine. This can be used to make buttons appear or disappear by binding button text to a variable.

  • Added a new flag in Number Input that allows user text to contain additional characters in the reply. Chatbot can now accept numeric inputs such as "10 meters" or "12.5$"

02-May-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Fixed an issue that could cause multiple high volume Facebook read receipt to be erroneously discarded from the queue.

  • Fixed an issue on the Web Publishing page that could hide some of the options due to settings dialog size.


  • Changed standard JS minification strategy. Final web plugin JS should be smaller and more compact as a result.

  • Added a new flag to Alexa Publishing Dialog that disables automatic model creation at every channel publish.

  • Added sub-language automatic publish to Alexa channel. Publishing an English enabled skill will now try to build a model for all english speaking countries available to Alexa. The same will happen for French and Spanish.

29-Apr-2019 - Live - Standard


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent an IBM Watson Input action to correctly hold user input until intent detection meets required confidence percentage.

  • Fixed an issue affecting all DialogFlow and IBM Watson inputs that may prevent Xenioo from correctly retrieving detection results when the user text contains tabs or line feeds.


  • Added a new "Embed image if allowed by channel" flag to Image and Video. If enabled, this flag will try to embed the resource directly inside the chat instead of pushing the standard resource URL and let the channel unfurl it.

  • Added for all Variable Set actions and operations the possibility of escaping recursive variable parsing by using \{\{variable\}\} instead of {{variable}}. In the first case, the variable will not be automatically parsed on the first assignment making much easier to create global dictionaries for multi-language chatbots.