Platform Changelog

This is the up-to-date Xenioo changelog history detailing all updates and fixes that are deployed on the platform. Deployed fixes and updates are currently live while Scheduled ones will be released during next scheduled maintenance.

All fixes marked as Standard are deployments done by standard update cycles maintenance. Hotfixes are, instead, fixes applied to mitigate or remove unforeseen blocking issues.

Under Development



  • Fixed an issue that may stop a message queue for Kaleyra whenever a media upload issue would trigger.

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent a Database Carousel Action to properly execute if preceded by a Cloud Scripting Action.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent an operator from a group to be automatically assigned to a conversation when Less Busy mode was selected.

  • Fixed a Call API header issue that could cut some headers containing symbols such as : or =.

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent an opt-in WhatsApp message to be correctly parsed by a DialogFlow Input action.

  • Adding a term to a database related entity will now correctly return a warning message.

  • NLP Intents import with multiple keys and names will not correctly create multiple intents instead of adding all expressions to the last one.

  • Fixed a Firebase List command issue that could throw an error when a query would return no results.

  • Contacts imported from a standard CSV file will now be correctly picked as part of an audience for a broadcast.

24 June 2021



  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Database dynamic form to be empty.

  • Fixed a team list issue that could display two times a support user in the online support users list.

  • Fixed a bug in the Broadcasts List and Activation API that would cause the results to be empty.

  • When API Action is changed from any verb to GET, payload is correctly removed.

  • Behaviour Schedule Operation will now be correctly ignored when re-entering an interaction due to user input.

  • Text Area Collection Fields are now shrinked when shown inside the Database View.

  • Fixed an issue with Xenioo Database Scripting interface that could dispose the connection object right after executing a load operation.

21 May 2021


  • The Database module is now available to everyone enabling a Database Package.

  • SMS Action has been added to the list of integration actions.

  • Facebook general file attachment has been updated back for all pages (EU included)

  • When published on Facebook, Audio Action will now send again the content of the audio and not a link to it, also for EU pages.

  • Standard typing delay for Facebook has been re-enabled. Typing indicator on the client side still won't be visible.

  • When using MayTapi, the contact_id variable will now be holding the phone number of the last interacting contact when the conversation happens in a group.

  • Intents import file format has been changed to include fully qualified column names.

  • Uploaded filenames will now use the original filename as a base when generating a unique storage name.

  • The Telephone and Location share buttons on Telegram can now have a customized text.

  • Operator Take Over messages can now contain dynamic variables referenced by the active conversation.


  • Fixed an issue affecting Facebook push that could prevent an operator to intervene in a chat using Custom Channel directly.

  • Entities composed by multiple words appearing in multiple parts of an utterance will now be correctly numbered starting from 1.

  • Media content added using AddReplyPart will now correctly ignore the command parameter.

  • Fixed a Trigger Broadcast issue that would fire only the very first broadcast of a given type even when multiple others were scheduled.

  • Multiline texts on Teams channel are now correctly rendere on the Desktop client.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause conversation variables to not reflect the active operator in the conversation

15 April 2021


  • SMS Channel has been added to the list of supported Xenioo channels.

  • Integration API are now fully documented and available to all active plans starting from Professional.

  • Online operators are now highlighted on the Assign Conversation to Operator dialog.

  • Added a new Web script function that can completely remove Xenioo widget from a page

  • Added a new Web script function that can display a custom callout bubble


2 April 2021



  • Fixed a bug that would stop an expression from having a new entity associated.

  • Re-Entering flows executing any kind of Email Message integration should not trigger two messages instead of one.

  • WaitForWidgetClick flag is now correctly ignored on the public preview url chatbot.

  • Firebase Database Action is now correctly displaying the related event trigger.

  • Firebase Database Action empty list result variable changed from 0/1 to false/true values as with all other flags.

  • Firebase integerValue is now translated to a 64 bit value instead of a 32 bit value.

  • Number Input will now enforce min and max ranges that are inside the bounds of accepted numeric values.

  • DatePickers inside Xenioo Forms will now correctly enforce date ranges with dates set directly by keyboard input.

  • DialogFlow input will now correctly execute any following action after number of wrong inputs have been reached instead of redirecting to a fallback.

19 March 2021


  • Web Preview url will now display your chatbot name and avatar instead of the Xenioo icon if you are on any paid account subscription.

  • The operator_interacted variable can now be used to check if a taken over conversation has ever been interacted by the operator.

  • The invalid conversation share url is now fully displayed on the url page instead of being contained in the original conversation page.


  • Fixed an issue related to Intents import that would wrongly cut content with multiple commas when exported from excel source.

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent correct sharing of a conversation when using a WhatsApp channel.

  • Fixed an issue with the Include Interaction Action that would not execute the action when it was included into a broadcast flow.

  • Fixed a bug that would disable movement of some child operations under specific actions.

6 March 2021



  • Fixed an entity conversion bug that would force the final entity word to be always lowercase. Entities will now use the casing of the originally trained word.

  • Fixed a NLP parse issue that could give higher scores to entities on entity-only sentences.

  • Fixed an issue with Wassenger WhatsApp provider that would discard duplicated images on their storage

  • Date form field in Xenioo form should now correctly handle min-date paramter

  • Fixed a legacy app issue on the Slack channel that could prevent new bots to correctly come online.

  • Fixed a video streaming issue affecting Web chat when used from Safari/iOS.

9 February 2021


  • Added support for HSM templates that require named parameters instead of simple positional values.

  • Facebook attachments like video, files or audio that are used in a bot running under EU regulations are now automatically converted to simple links.

  • Custom Channel API can now access conversation history for any chatbot conversation.

  • Highly Structure Messages (WhatsApp Templates) can now be set to be text only, buttons or multimedia.


  • Sinch WhatsApp provider will now correctly opt-in with any new contact message.

  • Maytapi messages will now correctly detect the full user name.

  • Fixed an issue with Facebook user details that would prevent basic data from being retrieved for an EU bot.

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a wrong numbering of multiple entities on the same expression.

22 January 2021



  • Slack protocol has been updated to the latest version and should now capable of publishing on recent channels.

10 January 2021


  • Discord is now supported as a new Xenioo channel.

  • ZOKO has been added to the list of WhatsApp Business supported providers.

  • Global Variables expiration time is now specified in minutes and not hours. This will allow for a more fine-grained expiration control.


  • Fixed a Form DateTime time-zone issue that could cause date selection to be set in a day to the one picked by the user.

  • Fixed a Form DateTime issue on IOS returning an empty value.

  • Form controls should now correctly populate variables selection when using Dynamic Parsing.

  • Shared Take Over conversation links should now correctly set the chat_state variable.

  • Moving an operation up and down in the operations queue will now always save all action data.

  • Old phone models should now correctly display the standard Web Channel widget callout bubble.

  • Audience Counters are now counting online conversations when updating preview size.

  • Conversation blocking input state is now cleared when altered by a broadcast.

  • Fixed an issue with Dynamic Parsing that would return (Length) for an array empty.

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