Platform Changelog

This is the up to date Xenioo changelog history detailing all updates and fixes that are deployed on the platform. Deployed fixes and updates are currently live while Scheduled ones will be released during next scheduled maintenance.

All fixes marked as Standard are deployment done by standard update cycles maintenance. Hotfixes are, instead, fixes applied to mitigate or remove unforeseen blocking issues.

22 January 2021



  • Slack protocol has been updated to the latest version and should now capable of publishing on recent channels.



  • Discord is now supported as a new Xenioo channel.

  • ZOKO has been added to the list of WhatsApp Business supported providers.

  • Global Variables expiration time is now specified in minutes and not hours. This will allow for a more fine-grained expiration control.


  • Fixed a Form DateTime time-zone issue that could cause date selection to be set in a day to the one picked by the user.

  • Fixed a Form DateTime issue on IOS returning an empty value.

  • Form controls should now correctly populate variables selection when using Dynamic Parsing.

  • Shared Take Over conversation links should now correctly set the chat_state variable.

  • Moving an operation up and down in the operations queue will now always save all action data.

  • Old phone models should now correctly display the standard Web Channel widget callout bubble.

  • Audience Counters are now counting online conversations when updating preview size.

  • Conversation blocking input state is now cleared when altered by a broadcast.

  • Fixed an issue with Dynamic Parsing that would return (Length) for an array empty.

17 December 2020


  • A WordPress plugin has been released to allow much easier integration in WordPress based websites.

  • The chat_state variable is now available as a filter on Audience builder dialog.

  • Applicaiton Region can now be configured in Sinch WhatsApp provider

  • The automatic variable subject_to_new_eu_privacy_rules can now be used in any Facebook chatbot to check if your page is currently under Facebook EU regulations.

  • Users exported from Xenioo can now be imported directly in another chatbot without any file change.


  • Fixed a Telegram issue that could cause a group chat to be without avatar inside conversations.

  • Hand over executed from shared conversation now correctly set the chat_state variable value.

  • Thumbs up for Facebook will not correctly be blocked by the stop flow action.

10 December 2020 - Live



  • Fixed an issue affecting less busy operator state that could prevent some operators to be picked for conversation take over.

  • Broadcasts associated with an account that does not have a time zone should now represent last execution as GMT+0

04-December-2020 - Live



  • Web Channel uploads will no longer add unused transmission variables to the conversation.

  • Telegram Voice uploads are now correctly categorized as audio messages.

  • Fixed an issue with NLP intents export that would prevent the file to be downloaded when the chatbot name contains special characters.

  • Fixed an issue preventing DialogFlow authorization JSON to be correctly stored in the action settings.

  • Shared Conversation URLs are now built with safe characters that make them easier to share/embed in mail messages and other media.

  • Broadcasts last execution date is now adjusted to the current account Time Zone information.

  • Stale Audience Size is now correctly saved and showed in the Audience Size column.

  • Users under ban status are now automatically excluded from any broadcast audience

25-November-2020 - Live



  • Fixed a Broadcast logging issue that could prevent Distribution Logs to display the full list of users reached.

  • Long entity values (3 or more words) are now correctly associated to the evaluation score of all the sentence.

  • Entities that are expressed in an intent used to skip a question will now be correctly set inside their variables.

  • Messages originated from a button click inside Telegram "Supergroup" are now correctly sent to the group chat and not directly to the user private chat.

06-November-2020 - Live


  • Xenioo NLP engine is now numbering number based entities with the same approach as repeated standard entities. The first number entity will be $number and not $number1

  • Kaleyra Cloud has been added as a new WhatsApp business provider

  • Sinch has been added as a new WhatsApp business provider

  • You can now remove entity values from a variable value using a Set Variable Action.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented repeated entities with the same value in a sentence to be recognized only once.

29-October-2020 - Live


  • When the conversation is taken over by the operator you can now see if a user has replied since your last contact directly in the general users view.

  • The chat_state variable now holds a descriptive value of the current take over / operator state.

  • Files can now be uploaded by an operator from both the standard conversation section and the shared take-over url.

  • Chatbot designer will now highlight all arrows that are going from the selected interaction to others.

  • Bot Events Webhook has been extended with multiple new events that can now be sent to an external service.

  • Both API Call Action and Operator Action are now silent when the interaction is activated by a user message. This should avoid looping cases with take over/hand over automations.


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent some WhatsApp providers to correctly display Url Actions.

  • URL Actions should now be correctly visible inside conversation logs.

  • Fixed Webhook events layout that was preventing hook error from being shown inside bot settings.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent some WhatsApp providers to correctly display Url Actions.

  • URL Actions should now be correctly visible inside conversation logs.

  • Fixed an issue with MayTAPI provider not translating correctly file and media URLs.

22 October 2020


  • Shared conversations should now fully display videos and images attached by remote users outside of the standard Media Attachment input.

  • Improved basic Text Input expression detection to allow for more direct parse options.

  • Using events it is now possible to distinguish between a user clicking on the web widget icon and a user clicking on the callout bubble.


  • Fixed an issue with Telegram inline keyboard that could prevent complex buttons to be correctly triggered.

  • Fixed a bug that could erroneously display the same form from two different behaviors if the form was created by cloning an interaction.

18 October 2020


  • Automatic handover on expiration can now be set for shared conversation URLs generated from Action or Script.

  • Web widget base icons (send, close etc.) have been moved to CSS classes so that they can be freely customized.


  • Fixed an input affecting the generic input when a user would type or copy/paste multiple lines of text.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent an interaction to be moved to another behaviour after a clone.

09 October 2020


  • Taken over conversation now send a desktop notification whenever a new message arrives. Notifications can be disabled using the contacts menu.

  • Custom channel hook can now be configured to receive each and every message from any channel.


  • Fixed a bug causing conversation messages to be sent to the configured webhook even when the conversation was disabled.

  • Banned conversation messages are not redirected anymore to configured webhook.

  • Fixed an issue inside the conversation view that may prevent new/unread conversations to be pushed to the top of the list.

  • Fixed an bug that would prevent some operations of an action to be properly moved up or down in the designer when using simple arrow buttons.

28 September 2020


  • Web Channel widget can now be displayed only on the very first user visit.

  • Direct content parsing of JSON has been extended to allow for direct counting of array items, without resorting to cloud scripting.

  • A Reset Conversation Action has been added to allow complete reset of the conversation from your chatbot flow.

  • You can now reset the current conversation position and/or variables from the conversation section.

  • Conversation take over default message is now persisted on a per-bot and per-operator basis. Each operator can have his own message for each supervised bot.


  • Event Webhook model now correctly include conversation user name if available.

  • The underscore character should now be correctly parsed by Telegram when using html render mode.

  • Bad markdown syntax is now automatically fixed by Xenioo before Telegram engine.

  • Fixed a button array issue that could replay the full button array after user input.

  • Fixed a Web History issue that could force an unanswered Xenioo Form to be displayed automatically at plugin startup and potentially show a blank area.

  • contact_hours_ago and contact_minutes_ago variables should now correctly reflect the amount of time since last user contact with the chabot.

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Telegram bots to correctly receive and parse user uploaded videos.

7 September 2020


  • Voximplant Phone Channel provider has been added to the list of possible voice providers.

  • Conversation callback for bots has been updated with new events and data.


  • Fixed an issue with NLP recognition that could cause lower than usual recognition values when a sentence contains words with accents and special characters.

  • Fixed an issue with Actions Cloning that could hang the client after the button is clicked.

  • Fixed a redirection bug that could cause a Team Member to have lower than expected capabilities if the target account was located on a different server node.

16 August 2020



  • Fixed a WhatsApp download issue that may prevent users attachments to be correctly added to storage.

07 August 2020


  • You can now use Global Variables in your bots. Global variables can be used to share information among ALL of your conversations.


  • Fixed a Master NLP issue that may cause bots to misbehave when a bot is downgraded from Master NLP to standard NLP usage.

30 July 2020 - Live



  • MessengerPeople conversations created at runtime using a Broadcast will now correctly retrieve the associated WhatsApp id for sending messages.

  • Shopify Preview domain is now added by default to whitelisted Web Channel domains.

3 July 2020 - Live


  • Infobip is now part of the Xenioo available WhatsApp business providers.

  • Take over issue messages are now fully visible in conversation execution diagram


  • Automatic backup will now correctly skip backup creation for basic preview publishing.

  • Fixed an issue with Take Over action when less busy operator mode is selected.

  • Fixed a bug that would not export all of the conversation entries of each conversation when generating an automatic report.

20 June 2020 - Live



15 June 2020 - Live



  • Fixed an issue that could cause a hand-over or take-over to not take effect on web based conversations.

  • Removed a looping timer from the conversation front end that could cause the conversation area to reload indefinitely.

  • Fixed a shared link issue that could allow take over shared links to expire faster than configured.

07 June 2020 - Live



01 June 2020 - Live


  • Microsoft Teams has been added to the list of Xenioo supported channels.


22 May 2020 - Live



15 May 2020 - Live - Standard



  • OnDemand broadcasts are now correctly queued when invoked multiple times.

  • Fixed an issue with Media Attachment input that would disable skipping with text or intent.

  • Facebook Referral links should now be working correctly for both new and old contacts.

5 May 2020 - Live - Standard


  • OnDemand broadcast can now contain a create new user parameter that will create a new conversation if the specified broadcast target does not exist.

  • Maytapi can now be used as an additional WhatsApp channel provider.


  • Messages sent using the /chat endpoint to a Web Channel are now correctly queued for distribution on the Conversation tab and the live client.

  • HTML and Markdown texts in Telegram should now be correctly auto-configured on any text combination.

  • Fixed an issue preventing WhatsApp to correctly display Quick Reply buttons as text bubbles.

29-April-2020 - Live - Standard


  • Shared View Conversations can now display a customized logo for each chatbot.

  • Shared Take Over Conversations can now be handed over back to Xenioo directly from the share interface.

  • Quick Reply buttons have now an additional text expression property that can be used to allow users to activate a button by chat using extended text.

  • Quick Reply buttons now have an Alternate Text property that will be automatically used for text based channels like WhatsApp.

  • Attachment actions now expose a variable that indicates what type of attachment has been sent (image, file, audio etc)

  • Is now possibile to fully delete your account.

  • Telegram text messages max length has been enforced to 4096 characters.

  • Chat Delay can now be set to a maximum of 10 seconds.

  • In your Active Subscription page is now visible the information about next due payment.

  • Added support for V2 API for IBM Watson inputs.

  • When using text that contains any kind of tag (< and > symbols) will now automatically switch the Telegram mode to html.


  • Fixed an issue in the Switch Account that prevent some accounts from successfully connect to their additional accounts.

09-April-2020 - Live - Standard


  • The variable telegram_bot_username will now hold the full name of the Telegram bot attached to the published channel.

  • Telegram channel will now automatically activate markdown on text messages that contain standard Telegram markdown symbols (e.g. * or _)

  • Messenger Extensions are now automatically activated on Forms activated from a Messenger conversation. Messenger WebViews should also close correctly now on any platform.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Forms to not save data when special characters were used inside fields (including Cyrillic or Hebrew)

  • Multi-line texts sent from WhatsApp using Waboxapp should now be correctly rendered and parsed.

  • \\n escaping for Set Variable Action should now be escaped to \n instead of \r

06-April-2020 - Live - Standard



  • Fixed an issue that could prevent operator redirection of contact on WhatsApp chatbots.

  • NLP Expressions can now be correctly searched using the filter button.

  • Fixed a training issue with Xenioo NLP engine that could lead to unwanted high values for very short sentences.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Generic Input statistics to display a value above 100%.

  • Fixed a report issue that could prevent some conversations to be exported.

  • You can now correctly add a Custom Mail Message operation as child of Tag, Variable and other actions.

  • Fixed an issue affecting some builds that could prevent moving some interactions between different behaviors.

20-March-2020 - Live - Hotfix


  • Fixed a Chat API issue that could cause older messages to be sent to the chatbot and trigger a new conversation.

18-March-2020 - Live - Standard


  • Added date and time for each block entry of the Execution Diagram.

  • The Forget User action can now allow full interaction with the user while enabling deletion. You can use this new feature to implement a fully volatile chatbot.

  • You can now choose to sideload your custom Web Widget CSS instead of fully overwriting the Xenioo default.


  • Fixed an issue where a team member could not reach the designated account when being on a different Xenioo instance

  • A team member owning a free account can now correctly access the execution diagram of a bot assigned to a premium account.

  • Execution Diagram will now correctly display the broadcast position name instead of "New Broadcast".

  • Fixed assets uploading not correctly referencing parent server.

  • Conversation entries composed entirely of non-visual content will be correctly hidden.

  • Broadcast distribution logs will now correctly display the full list of all the targeted users for each delivery.

  • Facebook Relay Service is now correctly distributing feed updates to chatbots on all different nodes.

  • Highly Structured Messages should now be correctly displayed in the conversation section.

  • Fixed an issue that could trigger a Last Contact broadcast multiple times in a single row.

  • The chat operator state will now correctly stop any chatbot operation whenever chat is set to taken over.

08-March-2020 Live - Standard


  • Added interaction based statistics collection. You can now see statistics on how many users have reached a specific point of your chatbot or how many times a question was failed by your users directly inside the designer area.

  • Attachment action can now be fully previewed inside your chatbot builder preview area. Files can be attached and uploaded in your storage are for testing.

  • The Generic Input Action can now be rendered as a password field in Web Chat.

  • The Generic Input Action can now accept both single and multi-line texts.

  • You can now customize the "Sent" message format for each chatbot message inside Web Chat.

  • onChatInteractionStarted is now available as a new event in Web Chat.

  • You can now choose to see the user avatar beside each chat bubble on Web Chat.

  • You can now forward selected conversation variables to the Web Chat plugin client.

  • Variable values can now be set to multi line using \\r or \\n (or both) as escape for newline.

  • Users import task will now display the number of rows and final users processed for each execution.

  • Users import will now automatically user the phone number as default user_id so that future contacts with the user trough WhatsApp will not lead to a new contact.

  • Custom channel status update REST call can now bu used to update or delete multiple variables or tags.


  • Fixed Facebook page addition denial causing server side errors to be sent to Facebook services.

  • Fixed Facebook login page to comply with Facebook regulations on subscribed and blocking users.

  • Forms Checkboxes are now correctly setting the target variable to OFF when not checked.

  • Fixed an issue with Custom API Channel that may drop REST requests as Unauthorized if the same chatbot preview is online

  • Fixed a bug that could reset the current conversation position for multiple users after each publish.

11-February-2020 - Live - Standard


  • Improved general chatbot storage handling. This should result in snappier load/save operations in all the designer


  • Fixed a sporadic issue affecting access to the conversations view on specific chatbots.

04-February-2020 - Live - Standard


  • All audiences are now cloned when cloning a chatbot.

  • The variable message_type will now hold the type of message the user has sent to the chatbot.

  • Wrong input replies and Fallback replies have now a slight different visual style in the conversation section.

  • Wrong input replies and Fallback replies are now flagged on each row of the chatbot data export.

  • Chatbot data export is now split into two different files to minimize size and repeated data.

  • Audience size is now updated on demand and not whenever the audience dialog is opened. A color indicator will display if the audience size is updated or not.

  • Increased performance and UI feedback on Audience filtering on chatbots having thousands of conversations.


  • Imported users are now assigned to the correct channel when partial information is supplied to the input file.

  • PUT and PATCH payloads are now correctly sent to endpoint when using API Action.

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent question replies to be added to the full conversation export file.

  • Fixed a graphical issue that could display a wrong number of messages inside general and bot-specific charts.

  • Cloned broadcasts have now every counter reset to zero.

  • When cloning a chatbot, all broadcasts are now cloned without their previous counter value.

16-January-2020 - Live - Standard


  • Users can now be imported and exported directly from the conversation section. Imported users will have an empty conversation but can be a broadcasting target.

  • You can now choose to display the first or the last message in the Web Callout Bubble.

  • Xenioo Forms buttons are now automatically hidden when you choose to print the form from any browser.

  • You can now hide either the Confirm or Cancel buttons in Xenioo Forms. Hiding both will hide the button area.

  • You can now swap the order of Confirm and Cancel buttons in the Xenioo Forms buttons area.

  • Xenioo Forms can now be set as auto-open. Auto open forms are opened automatically, without any additional option button for the user.

  • Xenioo Forms can now open inside the chat area and not just inside the Floating Area. Inline forms hide the chat area until completed.


  • Fixed a bug that could leave behind Web conversations that were meant to be removed after no interaction from a user.

  • Phone and Email commands should display the actual value in the conversation section instead of a generic <user command> text.

  • Fixed a WhatsApp integration issue that could force a conversation to be retained as active even when the user has gone offline.

  • Date Picker control now correctly validates mandatory and default values inside Forms.

  • Time Picker control now correctly formats time values incoming from variables and validates against mandatory flag inside Forms.

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