Xenioo conversations is the section where all of your users chats are stored. In this section you will see real-time updates of every conversation your chatbot is currently running as well as a number of other informations that can greatly help you and your team.

Xenioo is capable of managing multiple simultanous conversations for each channel of each of your chatbots. There is no technical limit to the number of contacts your user may handle for each specific channel. Depending on your plan, each user message may consume your monthly quota.

  1. This is your contacts list. All the users that have been contacted by your chatbot are listed here.

  2. Here you can search for a specific conversation user. Using the filter icon you can also use more advanced filters by applying dynamic Audience matching.

  3. This is the chatbar where you or your operators can chat directly with the user or issue different chatbot commands.

  4. All Variables & Tags that are currently used at runtime by this chatbot instance are listed here. These are the current values specific to the current conversation.

  5. This is the live chat area. Messages are queued here in real-time independently from the channel you are using.

Access to this section and to specific functionalities available on each contact can be greatly customized by the Pro Team package.

Message Receipts

Some of the channels supported by Xenioo will supply additional information on the status of the message delivery. Whenever possible, Xenioo will try to display additional delivery information for each message exchanged on such channels.

As an example, a message sent on WhatsApp will display a number of dots beside each message bubble. Each dot represent a different state of the message.

Receipt dots are color coded according to the table below:


Channel success receipt. This dot indicates a successful state update of the message such as "sent", "delivered" or "read". These values are read directly from the channel specific content as they are received by Xenioo.


Transient delivery problem. Xenioo has encountered a problem while trying to deliver the message. This could be related to a provider network congestion or temporary provider issue. Xenioo will automatically retry the message in a few seconds. The message might require multiple retries but only one orange dot will be displayed in the receipt space.


Channel delivery failure. This dot indicates that a definitive error occurred on the provider when sending the message. The message is malformed or the content is not supported by the channel. The message will not be retried by Xenioo since the channel rejected it completely.

Clicking on any of the dots will display an additional dialog with all the details of the different delivery updates.

Receipts are collected as they are received by Xenioo. Depending on the specific channel provider capabilities and implementation not all receipts might be delivered to Xenioo and might be missing. WhatsApp, as an example, might not send a "delivered" update if the message is "read" as soon as it is received by the target user.

Accessing Receipts

The latest message receipt value can be access during execution by reading the value of the last_receipt_value variable.

Xenioo stores the exact value supplied by the channel. When building a flow based on the latest receipt value, keep in mind that it might change depending on the channel used (e.g. WhatsApp might display "sent" and SMS "delivered")

last_receipt_value is not updated in realtime. To avoid continous changes during conversation execution, the value is updated on average every 5 minutes, depending on the speed at which receipts are delivered.

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