Backup & Restore
The Backup & Restore features of Xenioo let you backup your chatbot anytime and how many times you want to later restore it, overwriting your current chatbot or creating a new one.
The Xenioo backup format is self contained and can be even restored to another account completely different from the one that have created the chatbot originally. Free and premium account can both backup and share their chatbots with other accounts and publish them as their own (provided the features used are inside their respective plans).
Xenioo automatically keeps a version number for all your chatbots. This internal number is updated whenever your change, even slightly, your chatbot and is reflected automatically on your default backup filename. Use this number to quickly check which of your backups are more recent.
The following table details all information contained in each Xenioo backup file.
Chatbot flow and Design
NLP, Intents, Expressions and Entities
Publishing Information and settings
Scripts, Integrations and automations
Filter Definition Only
Conversations and Users
Reports and Statistics

Automatic Backup

By adding to your account the Automatic Backup additional package you will enable additional backup and restore options.
Automatic Backup will allow Xenioo to automatically create a full backup of your chatbot on specific events such as
    Before Publishing
    Before deleting a behaviour
    Before deleting an interaction
    Before moving an interaction to another behaviour
These backups can then later be restored in case you wish to revert to a previous version of your chatbot. Backups are kept for definite amount of time, according to standard retention.
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