IBM Watson Assistant Input Action

This action will parse any user text through IBM Watson Assistant engine. The conversation will hold until the user correctly reply to the configured intent or it is skipped using another intent or simple text.


The action uses the following settings:
API Version
Select the version of the IBM Watson API
The IBM Watson integration username
The IBM Watson integration password
Workspace Id or Workspace Url
Set here the full workspace id or the full workspace url of your IBM Watson assistant API integration
The full name of the intent you want to be parsed. Use asterisk (*) to accept any intent
Detection Confidence
The minimum confidence required to trigger this action
Display intent reply in chat
If enabled, Xenioo will display a message bubble with the text you've specified as possible intent reply on IBM Watson.
Failed Detection Reply
This is the text that will be displayed if the user input does not match the intent expressions.
Max Wrong Answers
The maximum number of wrong inputs the user can send before the question is skipped. Set to 0 (zero) to never give up on wrong inputs.
Control Expression
A simple text or full Regular Expression match string
Never Skip Question
The question cannot be skipped by user. The input will repeat indefinitely until the control expression is matched or the maximum number of wrong inputs is reached
Intent Skip Question
The user can skip the question if his reply matches a specific intent
Text Skip Question
The user can skip the question if his reply matches a specific text or Regular Expression


This action is halting the conversation. The chatbot is halted at the input point and will not proceed unless the conditions specified in the settings are met.
This action is optimized to use IBM Watson API only once per user input. Even using multiple IBM Watson Detection actions will result in a single API call. Every IBM Watson AP call will count as an additional chatbot message.
Any integration issue that Xenioo encounters during IBM Watson API calls can be found inside each conversation Execution Diagram or inside the chatbot preview Execution Diagram.
If required, instead of the standard Workspace Id, the Legacy v1 Workspace URL can be found the API Details page you can see in the following picture:


On Intent Detected. This action will trigger any child operation as soon as the user input is matching the selected intent with at least the specified confidence.


This action produces the following variables after being triggered:
The intent detected during last input
The intent reply received by Dialogflow
Every entity specified in the detected expression will be translated to a runtime variable named after the entity name.


Channel specific availability follows the table below:
Fully Available.
Fully Available.
Fully Available.
Fully Available.
Fully Available.
Google Assistant
Fully Available.
Fully Available.
Fully Available.
This action can be used only at Bot Global level or Behavior level.

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