On Date And Time

This type of broadcast is sent at a very specific time and date and then automatically disabled. As your chatbot may have multiple contacts from all over the world you're free to configure a fixed time, based on your account time zone or, if available, a dynamic time based on your user time zone.

Date and Time

These fields specify on which date and at what time the broadcast will be sent.

Time Zone Mode

Using this field you can choose how Xenioo will calculate the exact delivery time..



Account Time Zone

This is the default value. The broadcast will be sent at the specified time based on your account time zone. Please note that on big countries this value may differ from your specific time by some minutes or even a full hour.

User Time Zone

Using this mode, Xenioo will adjust the broadcast timing to each of your targeted users time zone. As a result each user will receive your broadcast at the time you specified regardless of where they live around the world.

This mode will automatically work when using Facebook Channel. For all other channels the variable timezone must be valued for each user with the correct hours shift value. If you choose User time Zone for users who do not have a time zone specified, the broadcast will assume a +0 GMT time zone.

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