Reset Conversation Action

This action reset the conversation position to the default starting behaviour and interaction and all non basic variables and tags from the current conversation.


The action uses the following settings:


Use this action whenever you need to reset the current conversation from the flow and/or clear any variable you may have used. Using both reset of variables and tags and reset of conversation position will basically put back the user to the starting point without removing the contact.

As soon as the conversation position is reset, your user will receive your chatbot starting message.

Please note that Resetting Variables and Tags won't affect core variables. Core variables are considered vital for bot configuration and won't be altered. The table below contains the full list of all cored variables.


This action does not have any trigger.


This action does not produce any variable.


Channel specific availability follows the table below:

This action can be used inside interactions and as child of other actions. This action requires a Premium Account to be used on a live chatbot.

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