Additional Packages

Xenioo is built around multiple modules that can be enabled depending on your bot design requirements.

Here is a small list of all of the Xenioo optional modules. Make sure to get in touch with your LINK Mobility sales representative to get more details and information.


Enables one or more channel communication provider.

Allow each bot to have a unique, external REST endpoint that can receive conversation events.

Activates automatic bot backup for every major update to any bot inside an account.

Enables triggering of Broadcasts using a custom REST Endpoint.

Enables dynamic data entry forms that can be generated on demand during a conversation.

Enables sharing of NLP training among multiple bots inside the same account.

Enables sharing of bot content among multiple bots inside the same account.

Increase the maximum number of team members that can be invited to your bot and enables fine-grained permission access.

Enable use of campaigns and distribution lists for every bot inside the same account

Enable use of data collections and queries inside all bots of the same account.

Allows SSO login from external sources.

Allows direct access to multiple API endpoints for deeper integration with your bot data and structure.

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