Goals are custom data points that you can freely create in your bots in order to measure specific performance results. A goal can be anything that can be measured by reaching a specific point your in your flow like lead acquired or product sale.

To create a goal for your bot you can enter the "Analytics" section of your bot settings. From there you can freely manage all of your goals.

Each goal is defined by the following fields:



The name of your goal. Will be displayed in the flow selection and inside the dashboard widgets.


Your goal description.

Reference Period

The measurement reference for your goal. If you want to measure "Leads Per Day", as an example, then you will set "Day" in this field.

Target Value

The value that represent the target for the reference period. If your goal is to achieve 30 leads per day, you should put 30 here.

Measure Unit

The goal measure unit, if any. In case of a product sale, it might be the currency name.

Conversation Tag

The tag you would like to be automatically set by Xenioo whenever the goal is reached.

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