Url Filtering Syntax

Url Filtering is a way of joining multiple filters in a Url request so that Xenioo Database API Interface can dynamically extract or delete documents from a given collection.
An Url filter is always composed by a field name, a comparison criteria, a value and, if necessary, a logical operator. As a general example, the following string represents a filter searching for all products with discount greater than 10:
Using logical operators, multiple filters can be applied in both OR and AND. The following filter example will affect all documents with discount greater than 10 and product_code starting with TEST:
The following table contains the full list of all the applicable criteria:
Equal To
Not Equal To
Greater Than
Greater or Equal To
Lesser Than
Lesser or Equal To
Is Null
Has a value
Does Not Contain
Starts With
Does Not Start With
Ends With
Does Not End With