Type of Visualizations

Xenioo offers a variety of visualizations to display statistics, such as charts, tables, counters, and more. These visualizations can be customized to fit your needs.

Most of these visualizations are editable, allowing you to filter data by specific time ranges, bots, or channels. You can also customize the layout of each widget to better present the data.

  • Line chart

    A line chart is a versatile tool for visualizing data trends over time or across categories, it is excellent for identifying trends and patterns over a continuous range, such as time, making it easy to spot upward or downward trends.

  • Counter

    A counter is a simple yet powerful visualization tool used to display numerical data. Ideal for showing real-time data, live updates or milestones

  • Pie chart / Cake

    A pie chart, often referred to as a cake chart, is a circular chart divided into slices to illustrate numerical proportions, ideal for showing how different parts make up a whole

  • Bar chart

    A bar chart is a popular and versatile tool for visualizing categorical data with rectangular bars, can be used for a wide range of data types, including counts, percentages, and other numerical values. They can be displayed vertically or horizontally, depending on the preference and context.

  • Table

    A table is a versatile tool for organizing and displaying data in a structured format of rows and columns, tables are excellent for presenting detailed data. They allow for the inclusion of precise values, multiple variables, and additional information that might be too complex for other types of visualizations.

  • A gauge chart, also known as a dial chart or speedometer chart, is a visual tool used to display data in a way that resembles a speedometer. Gauge charts are ideal for measuring and displaying performance against a target or threshold. They clearly show whether the current value is within acceptable ranges.

  • Calendar view A calendar widget is an interactive tool designed to help users manage and visualize event, schedules and appointments. This widget might be useful for optimizing operational efficiency, checking activity status or planning for the future.

Widget Settings

According to the selected visualization, the settings of the widget may vary but normally they all share the same filters, here below some examples of the filters available for a widget.


Group Mode Group Mode can aggregate all the data using a common field among the values. Some examples of grouping include grouping by channel or by bot.

Filter Bots Filter Bots allows you to group data by a specific bot or include all bots.

Filter Channels Filter Channels enables grouping by specific channels, such as: Facebook, SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.


The Period filter includes various predefined time ranges and also allows the user to enter a custom date range.

The Time Frame filter aggregates values within specific time intervals, such as: yearly, monthly, daily, or hourly.


Some widgets allow the user to customize the visualization of data, offering options such as: changing the widget title, setting a fixed starting value for the Y scale, toggling the visibility of the chart legend, and more.

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