Broadcast Widget Page

The Xenioo broadcast widget page can be used to allow push to contacts from an external URL. The URL can be shared and embedded freely into other pages or applications.

Message Target Channel

The widget will display automatically the list of all channels where the bot is currenly published. Publishing or removing your bot from channels will make the list of target channels change accordingly.

Xenioo Broadcast

This field will contain the list of all the On Demand broadcasts currently enabled for the bot. Other type of broadcasts will not be listed.

Target User

This field must contain a unique identifier of the user we wish to target. Depending on the selected Target Channel, this value might be the unique id or the phone number.


This is the message you wish to send to your target user. In order to fully support this widget, your broadcast must reference, in any part of the flow, a variable named message_text, that will contain the value of the message. If your broadcast flow doesn't use the message_text variable, the broadcast will still be executed but the message will be ignored.


The Broadcast Widget configuration can be found under the Integrations section of the bot settings page.


The broadcast widget URL can be copied and used as it is wherever is required. The URL is unique to the bot. A different bot will use a different URL.

The unique URL is related to both the bot API Key and Secret. If the secret is reset, your bot will use a different Broadcast Widget URL.

Enable Sender Field

This setting will enable the Sender User Field in the Broadcast Widget view. The Sender User field will be used by the channels that support the parameter to replace the sender currently configured in the publish section.

Currently, only the SMS channel support the Sender Field parameter. All other channels will ignore the value.

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