The Xenioo WhatsApp channel can make your chatbot active on a registered WhatsApp Business number supplied by LINK Mobility.

General Channel Settings


Process First User Message

The first message sent by the user is considered by WhatsApp as the "opt-in" message. It's the message that the user sends you to activate your chatbot. This setting will enable or disable the processing of this first message. If enabled, your chatbot will receive the first user text as a standard user text input, otherwise as a simple variable.

Sender Phone Number

This is the phone number that will be used for the WhatsApp integration. Typically this is your own phone number for all the providers that require a physical mobile phone or the phone number provided by the gateway.


This value must be filled with the provider integration API Key. Each provider account will have its own API Key that you will need to copy here before publishing.

Account SID

This information is used only for Twilio integration and is the Account SID value you can see on your Twilio account dashboard. Copy and paste the value here.

Auth Token

As for Account SID, this information is used only for Twilio integration. The Auth Token is visible on your account dashboard or in the integration settings page of your Twilio account. Copy and paste the value here.

Hook Url

This value will be automatically filled by Xenioo and is the URL of the hook that the selected provider will call whenever a message is received by WhatsApp. Copy this value from Xenioo to the equivalent integration field you see on your provider integration dashboard.

Contact Filters

In these two boxes, you can specify the numbers that will activate the Xenioo chatbot. By default, all incoming messages will be treated as user contacts and will activate Xenioo. Using these boxes you can specify which numbers will be accepted as contacts and which will be rejected. You are free to use multiple wildcards to create complex filters to handle prefixes or area codes.

Further Reading

The following Xenioo resources can help you set up, configure and manage your WhatsApp chatbot flow and publication.

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