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API Integrations

Connect API support can cover multiple scenarios, depending on your requirements. If you need to pull data from your chatbot or push information updates for your contacts directly into conversations, you can integrate with our wide range of Public API endpoints.

If your chatbots needs to retrieve (or even update) data from external services (be your own backend or any other API enabled service), Connect's API Action can support several different scenarios. Data incoming from external services can be integrated seamlessly into the chatbot messages flow thanks to dynamic parsing ( More complex scenarios can also be supported using pure JavaScript actions.

Public API

Connect offers multiple endpoints that can be used by any external application to extract data, integrate or create automatic messaging for your chatbot.

Depending on what is your project target, you may want to consider different Connect API, according to the table below.


Custom Channel API

Ideal if your goal is to build your own, custom chat application, whilst leveraging Connect's advanced flow systems and AI engine.

Connect could also be used as a communication bridge for your own, custom chatbot solution.

Chatbot Events API

Ideal if your project needs to receive all of the conversation messages and events that are related to your chatbot usage.

On Demand Broadcast

Integrate with on-demand broadcast to create events based alerting systems for your users.

Database API

Ideal if your application needs to remotely access Connect Database Connections.

Global Platform API

Used to integrate with Connect as a platform. Ideal for cloning existing chatbot templates, retrieving conversations and usage statistics as part of a project.

Data Export

Consolidated data will be exportable from the Reports Scheduling section already available in MyLINKConnect. Following the already existing export scheduling, customer will be able to schedule automatic data export of specific time frames.

Like for all other reports, the data exported will be available for download from the Reporting section of MyLINKConnect.

General Integrations

Integrations allow chatbots to connect with other systems and applications. This enables chatbots to access and process information from external sources, enhancing their capabilities and providing a more comprehensive customer experience.

Chatbot integrations can be used to:

  • CRM Systems: Chatbots can access customer data from CRM systems to provide personalised service and support. Imagine a bot knowing: your name to say hello or your general location to automatically suggest your nearest store. The possibilities are endless.

  • Payment Gateways: Chatbots can take users to process payments where MyLINKConnect cannot directly provide this at present.

  • Marketing Automation Tools: Chatbots can collect customer information and act as part of marketing campaigns to generate engagement. Work alongside productivity tools: Chatbots can schedule meetings, create tasks and manage calendars or bookings.

LINK will provide all necessary documentation needed to assist a business when looking to implement an integration. This will be done via APIs. We have extensive experience with numerous plug-ins and are open to discussing new ventures that customers would find useful to integrate with.

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