The Facebook channel let you publish your chatbot on your Facebook page.

Your chatbot will automatically reply whenever someone initiates a chat using the "Send Message" button on your selected page.

Additionally, Xenioo is also integrating with your page events to give your two more advanced options:

  • automatic reaction to any of your page posts (by either opening automatically the chat or replying as a comment)

  • posting new content on your page directly from the chatbot. Refer to the complete actions guide to know more about these features.

Registering Xenioo on your Facebook Page

Registering your page for publishing is a very quick process.

The very first time your open the Facebook publishing dialog, Xenioo will require you to bind your Facebook account. To do so, click on the Facebook button you see in the center of the dialog and follow the step by step procedure.

Once the procedure completes, Xenioo will automatically display the list of all the pages where your account has access as admin. If the page is not available in the list your Facebook account does not have access to it or it is not specified as an admin of the page itself. If you create a page after linking your account with Xenioo, just click on the Reload Page List button and it should appear immediately.

Disconnecting Xenioo

Disconnecting from your Account

If you later change your mind and want to disconnect Xenioo from your account, you can do so directly from the Facebook App Integration list.

Disconnecting a single page

If, instead, you just want to disconnect a single page from Xenioo, click on the Disconnect Page red button inside the Facebook publishing dialog in Xenioo.

Transferring subscribers from another bot platform

If you already have a bot on another platform and want to transfer its subscribers over to Xenioo, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Connect your Xenioo bot to the Facebook page that has your other bot connected to it

  2. Send a broadcast with a Button to all your subscribers via the first bot

  3. Everyone who interacts with the broadcast will appear in your Xenioo chatbot as a new subscriber

  4. Now you're free to reach out to your previous bot's audience through Xenioo

General Channel Settings

The Facebook publishing channel will display the following settings:

Welcome Text

This is the text displayed by Facebook messenger as the user opens the chat area on the very fist contact. After the user chats with chatbot once, this text is not visibile anywhere.

Whitelisted Domains

This list is used to specify third party domains, outside of your Facebook page, that can be used as a target URL for context menu buttons, extensions as well as the web url of the page hosting the Facebook Messenger Web Widget.

Each URL must be fully qualified with its own protocol (e.g. https://) and separated by a semicolon (;).

Customer Chat Plugin Settings

These settings can be modified to have Xenioo automatically generate the required code to embed your Facebook messenger chatbot in your web page.

The integration is managed directly by a Facebook script and Xenioo can help you to quickly configure it visually.

Once you're happy with these settings, just click on the Show Button Code button to view the full required code: copy and paste the code in your web page to activate your Xenioo chatbot as a Facebook Messenger embedded plugin.

Show Minimized

If enabled, the web plugin will be shown as minimized. Only the Facebook Page icon will be visible on the page at startup.


You can write here a text that will be displayed by the plugin as a greeting for the user. This message is displayed only if the current page visitor is currently logged in Facebook.

Logged Out Greetings

This text has the same purpose of the previous setting but it is used only when your page visitor is not logged into Facebook.

Theme Color

A standard HTML color code that will be used as a general accent color for the Facebook chat plugin.

Additional informations about functionalities and suppoted pages setup can be found on the official Facebook Chat Plugin Page.

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