Quick Reply Action

Use this action to display a single quick reply button. The button can be used to redirect the user to another interaction as well as to execute multiple operations.


The action uses the following settings:



Button Title

The title of the quick reply button. This is the text of the button.

Alternate Text

Text to be used on any text-only channel (e.g. WhatsApp)

Trigger Text Expression

Standard Xenioo expression that can be used to trigger this button from standard users message

From Url

Associate an image to this button retrieving it from an external URL.

Upload To Storage

Associate an image to this button retrieving it from your Xenioo Account storage.

Image URL

The fully qualified URL of the image


By default, this action is created with an empty Go To Operation attached. The operation can be removed if not required by your chatbot flow.

Alternate Text property is used to display the button text on a text-only channel like WhatsApp. On a channel where buttons are allowed, the button may be "Home", while on WhatsApp it may be "A) Home".

If instead of clicking the button the user types the Button Title (or Alternate Text) directly the button will be triggered automatically by Xenioo. If you wan to extend the possible texts triggering the button, you can fill the available Trigger Text Expression accordingly. Expressions can be created using the very same rule that is applied to all inputs.

Telegram does not allow buttons to be displayed without any preceding text. Please make sure to have at least one text bubble before any quick button or no button will be displayed.


On User Click. This action will trigger any child operation as the user clicks the associated chat button.


This action produces the following variables after being triggered:




The parsed content of the Button Title setting


The text sent by the user that triggered this button, if any.


Channel specific availability follows the table below:




Fully Available. A maximum of 11 buttons can be displayed at once.


Fully Available.


Fully Available. Can only be displayed after a text bubble has been displayed.


Fully Available


Not Available

Google Assistant

Available only on Screen enabled devices.Other devices will ignore the content.


Fully Available


Fully Available

This action can be used only inside interactions and not as child of other actions.

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