Choosing your API

Xenioo offers multiple endpoints that can be used by any external application to extract data, integrate or create automatic messaging for your chatbot.
Depending on what is your project target, you may want to consider different Xenioo API, according to the table below.
This is your main API if your target is to build your own, custom chat application, while leveraging Xenioo advanced flow system and AI engine or to simply use Xenioo channels as communication bridges for your own, custom chatbot solution.
Integrate with these API if your project needs to receive all of the conversation messages and events that are related to your chatbot usage.
Integrate your application with an On Demand broadcast to create event based alerting systems for your users.
Use these API if your application needs to remotely access Xenioo Database Collections
This set of API can be used to integrate with Xenioo as a platform. If cloning existing chatbot templates, retrieve conversation and usage statistics is part of your project, these are the API you need.