My Bots

When you log in the first page you will see is the My Bots page which contains all the bots currently visible to the user as in the following screenshot:

Each bot is shown as a box with basic informations: Title, Logo, Last publish Date, Last update Date and Channels (shown as icons).

By clicking on the EDIT button you can enter the details of a bot and will be redirected to the Build page which shows the bot flow.

By clicking on the CREATE NEW BOT button you will create a new bot with a default flow and will be redirected to the Build page.

By clicking on the RESTORE BOT button you can import a bot from a previously created bot backup.

By clicking on the BACKUP button you can create a bot backup file.

By clicking on the DELETE button (bin icon), after a double confirmation which requires the user to enter the bot name, you can delete a bot as in the following screenshots:

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