The Team section is an incredibly powerful feature of Xenioo that puts you in charge of who and how any additional user may access your chatbot design or features.

Using the Team section you can invite new user to work on your chatbot. Multiple users can simultaneously work on different areas of your chatbot like conversations and AI. A user may work on testing the AI NLP section while multiple team members may access the conversation section giving support to directly controlled users.

While multiple users can access and work on different sections of your chatbot only one user can work on chatbot design at any given time. Multiple team members simultaneously working on the very same chatbot at the very same time may lead to unwanted loss of data.

Chatbots that are shared to you are not seen together with your account chatbots. You will be able to switch to different workspaces depending on the different number of accounts sharing chatbots with you. The number of team members that your account can invite on each chatbot depends on your current account active plan and can be changed by either subscribe to a paid plan or by adding an additional team oriented package.

Adding a new Team Member

To add a new team member simply specify the member email and press confirm. The team member will be automatically created and an invitation e-mail will be sent. The team member will not be active until the invitation letter is accepted or the member logs in to a valid Xenioo account.

As the invited member accepts your invitation he/she will be able to fully access your chatbots conversations, design, AI, reports and publishing capabilities.

Pro Team Settings

Right after adding the Pro-Team package to your account every chatbot teams section will expand to reveal a number of fine-grained permission you can apply to each member. These settings can be added or removed from existing members anytime, even if the members were created using a standard team package. The table below gives you a full description of all the possible settings



View Chatbot Design

The user can access the general chatbot design flow. A user with only this permission will not be able to change any of the chatbot flow, actions and settings and will not be able of publishing the current version of the chatbot.

Edit Chatbot

This permission includes the previous adding also the ability to change by adding, moving or deleting any part of your chatbot flow.

Publish Chatbot

The user can publish the current version of the chatbot and push it online on the selected channels. Some channels may still require an additional login with the target platform account

Backup Chatbot

The user can create a backup of your chatbot and download it on its own system. The chatbot can then later be used to restore a previous version or be restored in a different account and modified.

View AI

The team member can access the AI section and overview each and every intent, expression and entity. The user can also view the AI detection logs and check the correctness of the current configuration in the Test & Train section.

Edit AI

The user can edit, update and remove any intent, expression or entity. Using automatic redirection the user can may also slightly change the chatbot dialog results or flow.

View Broadcasts

This permission allow access to the broadcasts section. The user can view and check broadcasts scheduling and delivery but cannot send or change anything. OnDemand broadcast can stil be invoked trough URL as no contextual user is applied to the REST call.

Run Broadcasts

The user with this permission can run any broadcast at any time independently from scheduling. This flag enables the global broadcast play button available in the global broadcasts list.

Edit Broadcasts

With this permission enabled, a user can change any broadcast. Both activation and scheduling and general conversation flow can be changed at will.

View Conversations

A user with this flag enabled can access the conversation section and read any user conversation that happened with the chatbot.

View Group Conversations

With this flag enabled, a user will be able to view only the conversations that are associated with his/her group. If the user is not part of any group, no conversation will be visible.

Assign Conversations

This user can assign conversation to other operators (users that can access the conversation and take control). This flag is typically associated with a support manager profile.

Control Conversation

This flag will allow the team member to take over any visible conversation. When a conversation is take over, Xenioo will stop processing any incoming message and the taking over operator will be able to talk to the user, regardless of the channel the user is using. The operator is then capable of giving back control to Xenioo and even redirect the user to a specific chatbot section.

Forget Conversation

Any team member with this flag can initiate the conversation deletion procedure. This procedure will tell Xenioo to delete and forget anything related to the user. This includes any variable, tag or conversation part that has happened inside Xenioo. Any third party channel may still have saved informations about the user: these information must be deleted on each platform manually.

After the user has requested deletion of its data a 60 minutes average chat ban is applied: during this period Xenioo will not reply to the user or record any of this user activities.

View Conversation Variables

The user is allowed to see each and every conversation variable collected by Xenioo during chatbot runtime. If disabled, the full conversation variables panel will be inaccessible.

Share Conversation

If enabled, the user will be able to generate a unique URL that allows any user to view a very specific conversation for up to 48 hours.

Edit Audience

Every team member with this flag will be capable of updating, creating or deleting any existing audience. This flag simultaneously affects both Conversation Audience and Broadcast Audience filters.

View Dashboard

Enable this flag to allow team member access to each chatbot dashboard information detailing average users and conversation for period as well as more, in depth informations. Users with this flag can also access the chatbot publishing logs to inspect errors and issues with your chatbot channels.

Export Data

This flag allows your team member to export detailed information on each and every conversation happened during a specific time filter. Scheduling and availability may be subject to account limitations.

Member Group Name

This new field will appear beside the email as soon as the Pro-Team package is activated and allows you to specify a group name for each of your team members. Group names can later be used in your chatbot to select an operators team for your support flows as well as to automatically filter conversations based on the members teams.

Offline and Online Operators

Xenioo automatically updates users login and logout to maintain, for every live chatbot, a full list of online operators.

Further Reading

The following article from the official Xenioo blog details additional use cases for the Teams section.