Google Business Messages (Deprecated)

Starting July 15, 2024, customers will no longer be able to initiate new chat conversations with businesses on the platform. Existing chat threads will be notified about the upcoming deprecation. On July 31, chat messages will be disabled, and call history will be deleted.

The Google Business Messages channel will publish your chatbot on the Google brands messaging platform.

Xenioo is a registered provider and can register, maintain and publish your brand agent. If you wish to register a brand agent please get in touch with Xenioo at

Alternatively, Xenioo can also support external, existing providers, by simply accepting incoming messages on a specific endpoint. If you already have a brand agent registered with another provider and would like to use Xenioo capabilities, please get in touch with and we'll be glad to help you setting up your integration.

General Channel Settings


Agent Id

The Agent Id, as supplied by Xenioo or by your provider.

Brand Id

The Brand Id associated to your Agent, as supplied by Xenioo or by your provider.

Chat Details


This is the image that will be associated to your agent and will be visible by your users.


Use this control to choose the edit language for the Welcome Message and Privacy Policy Url fields. This field does not set the agent language but let you edit the different texts for your agent.

Welcome Message

The very first message your user will see as soon as your agent is started. This text does not override the Start Interaction first message: this message will be seen right after your user writes something.

Privacy Policy Url

The url of your privacy policy for the currently selected language.


Process First User Message

If enabled this flag will send the very text your user writes to your chatbot. If your chatbot is not expecting any input, this may cause the flow to be redirected to the fallback.

The behaviour of this flag is identical to the WhatsApp counterpart. By default this flag is set to false.

Ignore Chat Feedback

When enabled, this flag will ignore any positive or negative feedback the user sends by interacting with the up and down thumbs that are available on the chat UI. If disabled, Xenioo will parse these feedback messages and send them to the chatbot as text.

You can manage the feedback text by using a global input checking for "feedback:POSITIVE" or "feedback:NEGATIVE" patterns.

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