Data Retention

As a default settings, any user information (where available) and conversation captured by a chatbot within any of the available channels, is being persisted on Xenioo storage.

Xenioo storage is provided by a secure cloud infrastructure based in EU.

The lifetime of the persistent storage is limited by the type of the account subscription and it ranges between 1 to 9 months.

Additionally, each and every conversation is built around a number of different information that are kept by Xenioo according to the following table:




Forever. Contacts are deleted manually.

Contact Variables

Forever. Contact Variables are deleted manually.


Depending on your Account license retention (90 days by default).

Media Files from Chat

Depending on your Account license retention (90 days by default).

Bot Statistics

Depending on your Account license retention (90 days by default).


15 days

10 days

15 days or 1,000 entries

Broadcast Logs

15 days or 1,000 entries

Bot Runtime Logs

15 days or 1,000 entries

Automatic Backups

Last 5 Publishing Backups are kept forever

15 days for deletion based backups.

Depending on your Account license retention (90 days by default).

Data is removed from the platform on a daily basis.


While conversations are regularly deleted according to your license retention policy, contact information is not. Basic details, such as phone numbers and email addresses, will be retained indefinitely. This allows your bot to reach out to your audience later with updates and messages.

While building your bot, you have multiple different ways of handling full contact deletion:

  1. By hand on a single contact Single contact deletion can be carried on directly from the conversation section. This operation will delete everything related to a specific contact.

  2. By hand, using an Audience You can define a custom audience and, using audience tools, delete all of the contacts that are contained.

  3. By user request, directly by the bot You can implement a flow that can be triggered by your users based on a specific keyword or command. The triggered flow can just contain a confirmation message and a Forget Action. The execution of the forget action will delete every information of the contact.

  4. Automatically, using a scheduled broadcast Using a scheduled broadcast with a Forget Action will let you setup your own rule for contacts retention based on rules such as being part of a specific audience.

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