Data Retention
As a default settings, any user information (where available) and conversation captured by a chatbot within any of the available channels, is being persisted on Xenioo storage.
Xenioo storage is provided by a secure cloud infrastructure based in EU.
The lifetime of the persistent storage is limited by the type of the account subscription and it ranges between 1 to 9 months.
Additionally, each and every conversation is built around a number of different information that are kept by Xenioo according to the following table:
Forever. Contacts are never deleted.
Contact Variables
Forever. Contact Variables are never deleted.
Depending on your Account Retention (30 days minimum).
Bot Statistics
Depending on your Account Retention (30 days minimum).
15 days
10 days or 250 entries
15 days or 1,000 entries
Broadcast Logs
15 days or 1,000 entries
Bot Runtime Logs
15 days or 1,000 entries
Automatic Backups
Last 5 Publishing Backups are kept forever
Data is removed from the platform on a daily basis.

Volatile Data and Conversation Persistence

Using the Forget User Action It is possible to configure each chatbot conversation so that no information is persisted or stored any Xenioo infrastructure beside temporary volatile memory.
This configuration will completely remove each and every information about the user contacting your chatbot. Conversation history, variables, phone numbers, emails and every other detail will be completely deleted from Xenioo.
In case of a brand new conversation (the user is contacted or contacts the chatbot for the first time), enabling this flag will ensure that no information is saved in any case on Xenioo db, making the conversation fully volatile.
While each and every detail about a conversation is deleted, Xenioo will still consolidate anonymous interactions statistics allowing detailed reporting and dashboard information without storing any user information.
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